About the Author


J. Ross Greene’s passion for World War II and determination to share his uncle’s inspiring story led to the extensive research required to write this book. With a background in engineering, he founded a financial consulting firm, beginning his now more than forty-year investment career.

A Fortress and a Legacy represents his gift not only to his cousin—the daughter his uncle never knew— but to all those who share his appreciation for those who sacrificed for the cause of freedom.

Ross and his wife Lynne, who have three children and eight grandchildren, make their home near Atlanta, Georgia.

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4 Important Things You’ll Learn

1. Thelma McGhee Perrin, Bud Perrin’s wife, was crowned Miss Knoxville in 1940. This provided her with an opportunity that today is not directly available to Miss Knoxville winners. Fortress reveals this little known fact.

2. During WW2, US airmen were permitted to write personal messages to their families but prohibited from giving any details about their wartime duties and activities. The “boys” developed codes to give some insight into their work without breaking the rule. Fortress tells why this rule was in place what code some used and how it can now be deciphered.

3. WW2 aircraft often had nicknames or slogans painted on their noses. Deemed “nose art,” these names told many stories and defined attitudes of the crews that flew them. “Mizpah” was a name with a special message. In Fortress you’ll learn its meaning.

4. Bombing of Germany was directed from a hidden location just northwest of London. Learn what the facility was built for, how it was chosen for its WW2 purpose and what it’s used for now.

5. Two critical adjustments were made to the P-51 that that made it the much needed and lethal protector of US bombers. Fortress tells how and why they were made.

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