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What People Are Saying:

Greene has breathed life into words scrawled on pages seven decades passed, making them as relevant and compelling today as they were back then.”  – Marilyn Jeffers Walton (Historian; Writer of 3 WWII Best Sellers)

With his thirst for accuracy and dogged tenacity, Ross Greene has woven these findings into a compelling story… It’s a beautiful read.” – Edouard Reniere (Master Historian and Researcher for The Comet Line. Brussels, Belgium)

“A FORTRESS and a LEGACY is a splendid book… authentic narrative. Monumental research… excellent writing and story line” – Colonel Claire W Potter (Retired Pilot in WWII, Korea and Vietnam)

I have written more than two-dozen books on the aircraft and airmen who prosecuted WWII for the Allies, so I have a pretty good sense of when authors of the period ‘get it right.’ In so doing, Ross has challenged me and stretched my memory numerous times. His finished work makes both of our efforts worthwhile.” – Ron MacKay (Historian and Renowned writer of more than two dozen WWII books)

“Fortress was a fascinating read.” DON’T MISS IT ! You will be spellbound by it!” – Jim Lewis (Avid Reader)

I thoroughly enjoyed A Fortress and a Legacy. It was one of those that you cannot put down but try to slow down to avoid finishing too quickly.”  – Everett Owens (Active Reader of WWII books)

This book could be a text for history students, and would make a great movie. Listening, Hollywood?” – Joe Wilkins (Amazon Accredited Review)

This story barrels through the cloud cover with all guns a blazing and all bombs dropped true on their target. …it hurts… But the joy at its end makes the story worthwhile.”  – Richard Whitelock (Amazon Certified Reviewer)

“The suspense at the end made you feel you did not want the book to end. I would love to see a movie based on this work.” – Brady Hurley (Avid Reader; 2013 North Carolina Businessman of the Year)

You won’t be the same once you read A Fortress And A Legacy. And you will be the better for having read it. You will feel the joy at its end. That’s a promise.” – Richard Whitelock (Amazon Certified Reviewer)

“I have never learned so much about WWII in one book…Story is so well written you almost feel you’re living it. A must read!!” – Lynn A. Westmoreland (U.S. House of Representatives, Georgia 3rd District)

Ross Greene did an excellent job of fleshing out the love story, and the friendship stories and the camaraderie, etc. All the relational things us women enjoy so much. You have told a magnificent story.” – Nancy Higgins (Writer)

“I spent my vacation engrossed in Fortress!  I was totally captivated by the story…the love story made it better for me, but I feel like I know Ross Perrin.  I had trouble putting the book down.  Even the detailed parts of preparing for war at Ridgewell held my interest. Greene is to be commended for your dedication to searching and researching to write such a remarkable work.” – Judy Wray Zachary (Avid Reader)

“This book is a delight on so many levels – it incorporates an intriguing love story as it unfolds in the shadow of war; carefully researched and vividly (and interestingly) portrayed details of missions, weapons and sites of WWII; and, the personal touch of an author who cares deeply for the main characters.” – Susan Sheppard (Avid Reader, Retired Financial VP for Fortune 500 Company)

“I was completely immersed in this story. The author did such a thorough job of researching and putting it in writing. At one point he was asked if a woman would read this, and I can say definitely yes! I love true stories that come from the war, and this one resonated with me. Bud Perrin was a wonderful man …. Great book and highly recommended!!” – Ann Kirihara

“You made history come alive.” – Joan Brill (Avid Reader)

“Fortress took me away from work, play, and sleep; it was riveting and then some.” – Jim Smith (Veteran)

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